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NTD data is stored centrally within Monash University as Data Custodian. Access to data is subject to applicable privacy laws and principles, and ethics approvals. Specific measures have been put in place to maintain the confidentiality of personal identifying information.

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Data extractions

The practical 'how-to' instructions relating to data extraction are below and the four additional NTD documents relating to data extraction are linked.

  • How to transfer files using SFTPv1.0

  • Australia Collated Data items v2.1

  • Data extraction template Lab/transfusion IT

  • Data extraction template HIS

Data extraction instructions

All hospitals and health services, Australia-wide, are welcome to participate in the NTD following ethics and governance approval.

Case inclusion criteria:

  • The NTD collects data from all patients (≥18 years old) transfused any type of blood product, and all blood donors (≥18 years old), at participating health services or organisations.

Suggestions to get started.

Please first read the following documents:

  • 180423_MTR_information for new AUS sites v1.1.pdf - contains an overview and summary of how to get started

  • 180516_MTR_Collated Data items v2.1.pdf - lists all the hospital information system (HIS), Laboratory and Transfusion data items requested.  Please note that some of these data items are optional if they are not readily available in your information systems (e.g. reference ranges, abnormal flags).  

For Lab and Transfusion data extraction:

  • 180619_MTR_Data Extraction Template_Labs-Trans.xlsx - example data extraction template for Lab and Transfusion data items.

Please note:  Data can be provided in whichever format you prefer, but it is very important that exactly the same format is used for every subsequent data extraction. We recommend that you prepare a test extraction and send to us to review before running a full extraction.

For HIS data extraction:

  • 180423_MTR_AUS_HIS SOP v1.3.pdf - data extraction SOP for HIS IT.

  • 180717_MTR_Data Extraction Template_HIS.xlsx - example data extraction template for HIS data items.

Information about the ANZ-MTR:

  • 180516_MTR_AUS_Project Outline Version 2.0.pdf

How to transfer data to the ANZ-MTR:

The ANZ-MTR uses Monash University's secure file transfer server.

SFTP website address:

  • SOP-How-to-transfer-files-to-Secure-File-Transfer-Protocol(SFTP)-using Internet Browser.pdf

A SFTP account will be created for your site once Governance approval is in place. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

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