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National Transfusion Dataset (NTD)

The NTD links individual prehospital and hospital datasets with clinical registry data to show how and why blood products are used, and the clinical outcomes of transfused patients.


The National Transfusion Dataset (NTD) will form the first integrated national dataset of blood use in Australia

Massive Transfusion Registry 
               2007 to 2018

Welcome to our pilot interactive blood usage dashboard. This dashboard presents data from the Australian and New Zealand Massive Transfusion Registry (ANZ-MTR) between the years 2007 to 2018. This pilot version offers a preliminary glimpse of the capability we are building with our transfusion datasets. We invite you to explore and provide feedback on your experience using the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of the page. Looking ahead, we will integrate data from the National Transfusion Dataset (NTD) to expand the dashboard to provide summaries of all recipients of blood products (not only massive transfusion).

To explore, click on the individual blood products below

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SA Ambulance Service
SA Ambulance Service
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